Learn About Bright Education Institute in Dania Beach, Florida

Bright Education Institute is located in Dania Beach, Florida. The school provides training for careers in the healthcare and beauty industries. Students gain a solid foundation of knowledge in their chosen career fields. Hands-on training ensures that students are well prepared for employment after they graduate. 

Why choose Bright Education Institute 

The mission of Bright Education Institute is to provide an encouraging learning environment. Students attend our school to become massage therapists and medical assistants. 

Most programs can be completed in less than 8 months. After students graduate, Bright Education Institute helps students in their job search. Students are set up for success in their careers. 

The campus is also conveniently located in Dania Beach. Students can choose from day or evening classes. If you have ever felt like you have to choose between your life and your career goals, you should know that you do not have to choose. Day or evening classes offer a way to work your career training around your life!

How to enroll

Enrollment at Bright Education Institute begins by submitting your enrollment application and $150 registration. You also need your high school diploma or GED and a picture ID. Select your program and be ready to join the next session!

At Bright Education Institute, we strive to offer a strong foundation in knowledge and skills for our graduates. We want our students to succeed and give them the tools to achieve their goals. After graduation, students receive career help to find employment in their fields. 

Why not schedule an information session to talk to an advisor today? Bright Education Institute looks forward to meeting you!