What is Hydrotherapy?

Massage therapists will use hydrotherapy treatments for clients who would benefit from the pain relief that it provides. Hydrotherapy uses the power of water to relieve pain. There are various techniques within hydrotherapy. As a massage therapist, you can help your clients who have arthritis or other pain issues by using hydrotherapy treatments. 

How hydrotherapy works 

Heat and cold can be used in hydrotherapy. Both can soothe the pain in muscles and joints. Massage therapists use the temperature and pressure of water to reduce pain. 

Therapists may use packing or wrappings to apply the water. Hydrotherapy treatment could also be done in tubs with pressure pumps that pulsate the water. 

At Bright Education Institute, we teach three hydrotherapy techniques. The course also covers stone massage, aromatherapy, body wraps, and exfoliation. Learn how temperature is used in massage therapy as well. Heat and cold work differently to relieve pain but both are effective treatments. 

Enroll in Massage Therapy 

Become a massage therapist with Bright Education Institute. You will learn how to do hydrotherapy as well as other massage therapy techniques. The program covers both theory and applied practical skills. 

Gain understanding of the muscle groups and how to relieve pain and tension. Learn about the Florida rules and statutes for massage therapy as well. Get real experience giving full body massages under the supervision of a Licensed Massage Therapist. 

You will train to take the Massage and Bodywork Licensing Exam (MBLEx). Upon graduation, you should be prepared to become a licensed massage therapist and begin your new career! Bright Education Institute helps graduates find employment after they graduate from the program. 

Schedule an information session today to begin enrolling in the massage therapy program. Take courses in Dania Beach, Florida, and become a licensed massage therapist.