Medical Assistant Diploma Program


The Medical Assistant Diploma program can provide you with the education and technical skills required by employers in the health care industry.

Coursework provides instruction in topics such as:

  • Anatomy & Physiology
  • Medical law and ethics and medical terminology
  • Health care information processing
  • Pharmacology and lab procedures
  • Cardiology and surgical procedures
  • Hands-On Medical Assistant Experience

Prior to graduation, you will gain 160 hours of practical experience in a real medical setting.

Prepare for Your Medical Assistant Certification

This program can help prepare for the Registered Medical Assistant (RMA) exam.

What are the Career Opportunities for Medical Assistants?

Upon successful completion of the Medical Assistant program, you will be awarded a Diploma in Medical Assisting, and can pursue entry-level employment with a variety of employers in the health care industry, such as:

  • Chiropractic offices
  • Doctors’ offices
  • Hospitals
  • Medical specialty group practices
  • Outpatient surgical facilities
  • Sports medicine clinics & more


The objective of the Medical Assistant Program is to prepare students for entry-level positions assisting physicians and nurses by performing front and back office work as well as clinical duties.

Upon successful completion of the program, medical assistants may qualify for positions in a variety of health care agencies.


The Medical Assistant program instructs student through the use of didactic theory, handon learning, and externship within a healthcare setting for on the job training.

The course is 800 contact hours in length, which can be completed in a 9-month period.


COM100 Computer Applications and Communications Skills: Word Processing and Spreadsheets (40 Clock Hours Lecture/40 Hours Lab)
This course introduces the student to computer terminology and concepts. It includes an introduction to the history of computer, computer equipment, and common operating systems. Hands on introduction to the Windows operating system including word processing, excel spreadsheet, database and presentation applications will be presented. Lab in included.
Prerequisite: None.

MAA100 Medical Terminology (80 Clock Hours Lecture)
This course will provide an introduction into the use of medical references and resource availability for practical and research skills as it relates to the medical field. An emphasis on medical terminology including the current most widely used health-care terms, abbreviations, including word components, definitions pronunciation and spelling will be presented.
Prerequisite: None

MAA110 Psychology and Patient Relations (60 Clock Hours Lecture/20 Hours Lab)
This course is designed to develop skills for effective patient relations using adaptive skills to the needs of a particular patient. Other topics covered include: identify the needs of the client, establish trust, information sharing with the patient.
Prerequisite: None

MAA120 Medical Office Management, Law and Ethics (40 Clock Hours Lecture/40 Hours Lab)
This course is designed to guide health care students through a wide variety of areas involving ethical controversies. It provides a background in value development and ethical theories. The course highlights customer service, medical administration, patient education, legal responsibilities, and compliance with HIPAA. The topic of HIV/Aids will be presented in this course. (4 Hours)
Prerequisite: None

MAA130 Anatomy and Physiology (60 Clock Hours Lecture/20 Hours Lab)
This course is an introduction to anatomy and physiology. It presents the structure and function of the body in health and disease. Additionally the systems and functions of the body to include the cell structure; integumentary, endocrine, circulatory, lymphatic, respiratory and digestive systems; tissue and organ; as well as the muscular and skeletal systems.
Prerequisite: None

MAA140 Pharmacology and Medical Office Clinical Assisting (40 Clock Hours Lecture/40 Hours Lab)
This course provides an introduction to pharmacology principles and nutrition for medical professionals. Course covers drug classifications, information on herbals and supplements, sample drug labels and information on syringes and safety of needles. Included in the course is topics related to universal precautions, OSHA safety and regulations, aseptic technique.
Prerequisite: MAA130.

MAA150 Medical Laboratory Procedures (20 Clock Hours Lecture/60 Hours Lab)
This course will present common medical laboratory procedures such as taking and recording vital signs, assisting with minor surgeries, Xray techniques and safety, rehabilitation and therapeutic modalities, performing electrocardiograms, phlebotomy, chemistry and urinalysis.
Prerequisites: MAA140

MAA160 Career Skills and Medical Assistant Exam Review (60 Clock Hours Lecture/20 Hours Lab)
This course is designed to build career skills for the student. Topics covered are professional appearance and behavior, communication skills for interviewing the patient, personal and professional development. A review of the medical assistant certification exam will be covered.
Prerequisites: MAA100, COM100, MAA110, MAA120, MAA130, MAA140, MAA150

MAA200 Medical Assistant Externship (160 Hours Externship)
This course provides clinical experience in selected Physician’s offices or other health care facilities. On site qualified medical professionals will supervise the student during this course.
Prerequisite: MAA160