Once qualified Bright Education Institute students will be able to utilize these skills to either set up as a standalone sports masseur or to combine their sports massage work with their personal training – an excellent combination, and one which differentiates these individuals, both in terms of knowledge and skills.

Bright Education Institute students can go on to achieve great things including moving into allied professions such as osteopathy, chiropractic and physiotherapy, as well as occupying highly respected and rewarded positions working at a high level with professional sports.


This program will instruct students in the theory and hands-on practice of the massage therapy field.

The program is designed to prepare graduates for licensure testing and subsequent employment as a licensed massage therapist.

A variety of therapeutic techniques will be studied including chair massage, Swedish massage and hydrotherapy, deep tissue massage.

Students will get hands-on experience in a real world setting to gain confidence and experience.


This program is offered 30 hours per week for a total of 20 weeks.

Students will receive quizzes, tests, and practical evaluation in each course.


MAS105 Blood borne Pathogens Training: HIV/Aids & CPR Training (12 Clock Hours Lecture)
This course will introduce the student to the study of law, awareness and precautions for the prevention of HIV/ AIDS transmission and other blood borne pathogens.
Prerequisite: None

MAS100 History of Massage w/Florida Statutes and Rules (12 Clock Hours Lecture)
This course provides instruction on Federal, State and Local rules and regulations pertaining to the practice of massage therapy. This course will describe the history of and advancement of therapeutic massage, scope of practice, equipment, products and certification vs. license. It will cover massage therapies from ancient to present times. Individual therapist techniques for best practices and the therapeutic relationship with ethical touch and business practices will be discussed.
Prerequisite: None

MAS110 Anatomy, Physiology with Pathology and Kinesiology (200 Clock Hours Lecture)
This course details the relationship of anatomy and physiology to massage and bodywork, the role of therapeutic massage in stress, pain, healing mechanisms of the body and wellness models. Additionally the systems and functions of the body to include the cell structure, integumentary system, tissue, organs, muscular and skeletal systems in relation to massage therapies. The origin, insertion and action of all major muscles will be discussed in depth as well as the function and relation of the nervous system to massage therapies.
Prerequisite: None

MAS120 Basic Massage Therapy with Clinical Practice (100 Clock Hours Lecture /140 Clock Hours Lab)
Students will learn the theory and practice of full body massage therapy. Student clinical will be provided under direct supervision of a Licensed Massage Therapist. Proper draping, body mechaniques and position of clients will be addressed in the course. Other topics will include effects, benefits, indication and contraindications of massage, equipment and products, classification and application of massage movements, and procedures for complete body massage. A Minimum of 10 full body massages are required for completion of this course.
Prerequisite: None

MAS130 Allied Modalities (56 Clock Hours Lecture/20 Clock Hours Lab)
Massage in medicine throughout history, alternative and complementary medicine, chiropractic and integrative medicine, insurance reimbursement for massage. Included in this course will be information on chair massage.
Prerequisite: None

MAS140 Hydrotherapy and Spa Modalities (20 Clock Hours Lecture/10 Clock Hours Lab)
Students will be presented the theory and practice of hydrotherapy including the use of electrical modalities, use and effects of heat and cold therapy as well as the utilization of three forms of water as well as temperature uses for massage therapy practices. Spa modalities including stone massage, aromatherapy, body wraps, exfoliation and specialized spa equipment will be presented.
Prerequisite: None.

MAS150 Massage Professional Ethics ,Business Management and Medical Errors (30 Clock Hours Lecture)
The course will include discussion regarding business practices, planning, beginning your business, type of business, start-up costs and needs, locations, business ethics for massage practitioner, setting fees, basic bookkeeping, marketing, and introductory business law.
Prerequisite: Completion of Massage Therapy Coursework