How To Become A Home Health Aide in Florida

Home Health Aides are medical professionals who provide care to patients in their own homes or at retirement communities. HHAs assist people with daily living tasks as well as basic medical care. 

According to the Florida Agency for Health Care Administration , Home Health Aides must complete training and a competency exam. The good news is that the training requirements are very achievable! Learn how to become a Home Health Aide in Florida below. 

Getting trained as an HHA

Home Health Aides will need to complete 75 hours of training for Medicaid/Medicare-approved HHA or only 40 hours for state licensing before they can begin work. The training teaches HHAs how to work with patients, their duties and responsibilities, and how to handle various situations. 

What do Home Health Aides do? Well, HHAs may bathe or help patients with personal hygiene. HHAs may do light housekeeping, read to their patients, play card games, remind patients to take their medications, and more. 

Because HHAs provide companionship as well as care, HHAs also need to have patience and compassion. Some of your patients might need more assistance than others, and HHAs work with a variety of different people. 

Becoming an HHA

Becoming an Home Health Aide involves completing the required training or taking the HHA competency exam. You could start your career as an HHA faster than you think! The training hours will prepare you to work in the field and equip you with the necessary skills. 

Bright Education Institute has a new Home Health Aide program that will get you started on a path to becoming a Home Health Aide in Florida. Our teachers are experienced and knowledgeable. You will gain hands-on instruction to build your skills in addition to lectures to build your knowledge. 

Want to learn more about a career as an HHA? Contact Bright Education Institute today to get started on your enrollment!