Our Story

Bright Education Institute is a professional Institute located in Margate, Florida. Bright Education Institute was purchased in February 2016. The school was established in November 2011 as a training center offering programs in healthcare and beauty education. We believe that every person with courage and determination has the opportunity to develop successfully and to acquire an advanced education and prepare them for their chosen careers.

Excellence can only be based on a person’s academic profile as well as on his or her values and cultural and ethical background. This is why Bright Education Institute offers numerous courses for people to enrich their knowledge and their careers.Bright Education Institute is licensed by the Florida Commission for Independent Education (Lic. 3452) Bright Education Institute has no affiliation with any other institution or entity.

Bright Education Institute is aware that the system of health and beauty is subject to many changes, tastes and styles and we are committed to constantly update our courses and services for students and clients.  We encourage the creativity, inclinations and talents of the students through the creation of educational techniques that stimulate individual capabilities from a theoretical and practical point of view.

Finally, the quality system of Bright Education Institute is the main instrument through which we restate our commitment to the students with all the standards of efficiency, reliability and progress through our interested care of educational advancements.

Mission Statement: The mission of Bright Education Institute is developing and  preparing our graduates for  future careers opportunities in the Allied Health and  personal beauty industry. Our school provides students with the necessary skills and experience to become professionals in their chosen field.

Our Facility

Bright Education Institute Main Campus is located at 6890 W Atlantic Blvd, Margate, Florida 33063. This location is easily accessible to major highways. The location consists of classrooms and practical areas with real-world equipment and a resource area.
The school is equipped with equipment for student learning and practice. The modern facilities houses classrooms, clinical and treatment rooms that allow the most up to date teaching methods. The school is proud of its small and specialized classes where students can receive personalized instruction.

Bright Education Institute offers well-equipped classrooms, computer labs, medical labs, clinical settings and office space. We invest in practical, real world equipment, software, and modern training facilitates to give students the advantage of “hands-on” training.

Policy Against Discrimination and Harassment

Bright Education Institute practices no discrimination on the basis of race, credo, age, religion, sex, financial status or ethnic origin. We are an equal opportunity educator and employer.


Wei La Femina

President/School Director

Josefa M. Herrera, CME

Electrologist— Lic # EO706
Facial Specialist—FB717356
Hollywood Institute (Diploma)


Steve Preddie

Director of Education

Massage Instructor-Lic # M 76779
Margate School of Beauty


Maria De Los A. Machado

Medical Assistant
South Florida of Technology